Sunday, March 17, 2013

Program Models

Program Collage
The first model is a ball of clay, which represents the educational facility for my program. In a way, a college or university is a place where individuals go to mold themselves into the people they aspire to be and that can also relate to the word knowledge.
The second model is a bag pastels, which represents the variety of colors that I want to incorporate into my school. These colors were derived from the numerous colors one can find in the ocean and mainly in marine life.
The third model is a “house of cards”, which represents the sustainability that I plan to incorporate into the school. I chose the do a house of cards, which are actually made out of paper, to show that I want my “green” to be structural.


  1. IMO The sustainability concept is very well represented, however I am not convinced with the clay being a perfectly round element, since you are learning or are going to this center to learn I feel like the education element should be "in process" . When I see your collage on this one I feel like I am "still learning" when I see your open book and that would've been the feeling represented here.. just an idea.

  2. I would like to see the models next to the collages. I want to see how the models were derived from hose strong images or not.

  3. Hi April:

    I can see how the models derived from the collages. Unfortunately, I think the wonderful collages had a very strong unity that has been lost in the models. There is the risk that the parts become too different and the project too hetereogeneous. The collages have a base that unify the other elements. Can you find an element that integrates the others (not the black background sheet)? or can you find a material that can become the different elements?

    Hope this helps.

  4. Hi April,
    Apologize for my absent. I am impressed by the work that you have done. I have read all the comments and I think that I agree that the 2D collages are more impressive, communicative and include the contexts of your selections. Unfortunately, the interpretation with the 3D elements is not so "concrete" and contextual strong by themselves (actually your text makes them significant strong). I propose to make a quick review in your last steps of your work and "read" again you last images. You will realise the lack of unity as David mentioned before. Try to interpretate the 3D elements in more powerful, abstract and integrated way I believe this step it will helps you for your next one.


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