Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Program Models Pt. II


The first model is a representation of the educational facility for my program that was derived from the ball of clay model and the book from the collage. In a way, a college or university is a place where individuals go to mold themselves into the people they aspire to be and that can also relate to the word knowledge. So the further developed model is actually the complete opposite, which is rough around the edges, but working towards becoming well-rounded.
The second model is a representation of the variety of colors that I want to incorporate into my school that was derived from the bag pastels model and the fish from the collage. The further developed model shows a way it could take form rather than just being contained. In a way I want the colors to be enclosed (on the interior) but also exposed (on the exterior).
The third model is a representation of sustainability that was derived from the “house of cards” model and the plant growing out from the dirt in the collage. I chose to do a house of cards, which are actually made out of paper, to show that I want my “green” to be structural. Furthering developing that concept I wanted to use natural resources that see or use in everyday life to show a sense of recycling. The pencils represent wood.

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