Friday, March 8, 2013

List of Spaces, Matrixes & Bubble Diagram

The list of spaces I felt were the most significant for my Marine Biology School and Reserve Center are:

-Laboratory Preparation Rooms
-Office/Faculty Room
-Auditorium/Seminar Room
-Green Space
-Facilities/Mechanical Room
-Marine Laboratory
-Atrium/Lounge Area
-Viewing Area/Aquarium

With this list I created an Adjacency Matrix and a Criteria Matrix...

The Adjacency Matrix is an in-depth look into how each space relates to other within the building. The purpose of the matrix is to organize and link different activity areas together.

The Criteria Matrix attempts to organize the design program requirements in a concise form.
The Bubble Diagram is a reflection of how each space should be placed in terms of adjacency.



  1. These are really nice organized diagrams, but on my regular computer I cannot see the list of space requirements. I would like to hear from you, what you found from this exercise - are there spaces that could be isolated (on the site, or on a very different floor than some of the other requirements? Are there spaces that must be next to one another or else the design will not work?) A summary would be great.

  2. Hi April. Following on from Jill's comments it would be good to comment on what have you learned from this exercise or what you have found interesting.
    I can see some relationships that are more desirable than required, so do you realize you are having an imput into this? In example the library will have a strong relationship with the aquarium, but not the labs. You could have chosen the other way around but you have not, so I see you are envisaging a separated relationship between public and private. Please tell us what made you decide this as it seems you are already thinking about the spaces etc.

    Very good job!

  3. Hi April. I see soemthing missing form the diagrams. These buildings tend to be heavily serviced in terms of plant-rooms for mechanical ventilation etc and require big stores and deliveryes etc (separate entrance). You will need to add a few thousands square feet of area for this. Have a look some of your case studies to use as estimate. These areas are usually at lower ground (some spaces still requiring natural ventialtion themselves) or at roof level. They are the "ugly" bits of the building but essential for their use. Likely to be three types of circulation and separate entrances: public, private and supplies.


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