Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Impression Collage

My impression of my site was influenced by the journey I had from the school to the site. It was a sunny day yet extremely windy, so on the way there all that was on my mind was staying warm. I passed cafes, bakeries and restaurants all along the main road of the neighborhood. Then when I turned the corner and began to walk down one of the local streets, I got this eerie feeling like I was the only one in that area. So I picked up the pace and on the block right before the site I saw sun rays beaming through an auto shop, and in a way it put my mind at ease. When I arrived at the site, I began to document the surroundings and then ended my adventure in awe of the waves. All that mattered then was being by the water.


  1. I like what you have done with this collage in particular the way it makes the viewer feel. I think you capture the "waves" and the ocean feeling very well. I would've liked your elements (coffee, cupcakes) a little more abstract and perhaps use those elements to also reflect some of the materials that you plan to use in your project.

    1. Yea, I actually agree with you. Since this was my first collage it wound up coming across as more literal than abstract, but it was abstract in the way that it was portraying the experience on the way "to" the site rather than just the site. But I do see how it is quite literal.

  2. Wonderful collage, April. Will be interesting to see how you materialise these feelings into actual spaces. Keep that abstract feeling alife to inform you on the quality of the spaces you will be designing, please.


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