Sunday, March 17, 2013

Impression Models

Impression Collage 

The first model is a seashell, which symbolizes protection, mainly from a variety of weather since one of the main elements from the impression collage was wind.

The second model is a type of paper mesh or net material, which allows sunlight to penetrate the interior and connects to the sun shining into the auto shop from the collage making sunlight my second major element.

Lastly, is the blue foam model, which represents a wave. The cube perpendicular to the cube that is parallel to the surface symbolizes the perimeter where the wave reaches its limit and therefore crashes into the jetties.


  1. April, as an observation I think it would be helpful to have both the collage and the models next to each other.

    Aside from that, I think you managed to find good elements to materialize from your collage. However I think the rigid shape of the "wave element" might not give the exact idea of what you're trying to portray. It might be just my impression but I can see what you want to create from the other two models but not so much from the last one. Maybe you can elaborate? Also if you want to represent sunlight with your second element I suggest you play with shadows perhaps that will help express more your concept.

    1. The rigid shapes stem from the crashing of the wave into the jetties symbolizing how the jetties make the wave, which was once flowing as one, disperse into individual pieces...and I tried to capture shadow in the photo but the flash took away from that effect.


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