Sunday, April 21, 2013

Refinement of Plans and Sections

Based on my site layout and circulation I modified my previous plans and added 2 sections to reflect site conditions and possibly what I would like to do with the site massing, orientation and circulation.



Because Red Hook is located in Coastal Flood Zone V (the most severe flood zone), my building must be elevated by at least 3 feet or more from street level. This building regulation has therefore created a new criteria for my program which will be a beach, where students and faculty can take samples of water and bacteria life within the water or on the coast for further analytical studies. I also added a dock for access to boats that can also be used for analytical experimentation.


  1. I want to see your massing model more in plan and sections. I think it's there, but section doesn't show the dramatic folding of the wave and shell.

    1. I want to be able to show that too, which is what I'm actually trying to figure out now. I actually sketched out the more dramatic wave in my sketchbook but then when I began to sketch it in my computer, a space issue occurred so now I'm playing around with different ways I can still make that heavy impact without losing space...

  2. The plans and sections contain a lot of differentiated program, but don't quite explain the relationships to an organizing structure. I'm looking for a major space and principle circulation paths some clearly defined goal-route composition. The new program element - the beach can have a rather dramatic impact on the design. If it is accessed from beneath the building or from a route within the building, there can be some accommodation for this purpose -an opening along the route to upper levels, perhaps, or does the building split along the access route. Can there be an interrelationship between the green space and the beach - interesting that these two "natural elements meet beneath the building. Or 1s there a relationship between the beach and the aquarium?

    An aid to you and the critics would be a complimentary diagram or set of diagrams illustrating parti, formal structure and hierarchy.

  3. Based on your sections I think you have distributed the areas pretty well, I wasn't sure when I saw your plans since it seemed to me a lack of space for classes and labs. I liked the idea of having the aquarium the focal point in the central area, just make sure it is functional as well. The man made beach is a great idea and I think it will add so much to your landscape, are there any other functional ways you will use this beach for aside of samples? Looking forward to seeing what you end up with and what you decide to do with your open spaces, materials and circulations.


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