Sunday, April 7, 2013

Hybrid Models Pt. II

The next step in this process is combining the program with the abstract hybrid model to get a sense of how you’re going to work with the space on the site. So I had to create a new model, keeping the shell hybrid as a study model for the new model, and scaled it down to the scale of the site, which is 1/32” = 1’-0”.

Shell Hybrid

2D Model of Hybrid

This model is a basic outline of the shell in elevation.
3D Model of Hybrid
This model is a 3-dimensional version of the previous model, which incorporates a wave effect that stems from the curves of my 2D model.
I feel like this model has so much potential because waves are uncontrollable since they are a part of nature. So thinking about how I can turn this study model into a structure, I can foresee extruding various cubes and maybe extending field lines or vectors from the others. What I love about this model is how captivating it is from every angle the same way it is when I see the waves at the beach. I also want to try to incorporate a sense of feeling when one interacts with the building as someone would with a wave, whether you’re swimming, surfing, sailing, etc. For example, this model reminds me of my first time surfing and how it was an experience that I’ll never forget because you paddle out to the ocean, which can represent that steady moment in the model that’s parallel to the surface. Then you encounter a few small waves, which can represent the first few raised cubes. But when you encounter that one wave that you decide is “the one” you’re going to go for, this rush of adrenaline comes over you, which is the cube perpendicular to the surface symbolizing the climax. And then, gradually, you come back down as the wave returns you to shore. So the first floor of my building can represent ‘paddling out’, circulation such as stairs, ramps or elevators will represent ‘the small waves’ and then the top floor will represent ‘the one’/adrenaline. That floor will contain various views from the coast to downtown Manhattan, Governors Island, downtown New Jersey, the Statue of Liberty and, of course, the water. I basically want my building to tell the story of a wave that makes a connection.

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