Sunday, February 10, 2013

Building Typology

Which building typology are you researching?

Educational Facility

Why are you researching this building typology?

There are no schools for marine/aquatic biology in the area…and I love marine life.

What is the specialty of this building type you would like to research?

            School for Marine Biology/Oceanography and Research

What are the examples that you will be researching?

o   Sustainable Urban Science Center in Philadelphia, PA

o   Marine Biology Building at Florida International University in Florida

o   Marine Biology Institute at the Russian Academy of Sciences in Russia

o   Life Science Building at Paradise Valley Community College in Phoenix, Arizona

o   University of California San Diego Price Center in La Jolla, CA

o   Natural Life Sciences Building at Scottsdale Community College in Scottsdale, Arizona

o   Ocean Sciences Building, School of Oceanography at the University of Washington in Seattle, WA

o   Ocean and Coastal Studies Building at Texas A&M University in Texas

o   Salk Institute in La Jolla, CA

o   The National Museum of Marine Biology and Aquarium in Checheng, Taiwan

What are your goals for working with this building type?

To design a building that goes above and beyond flood zone criteria.

What are the program elements that you see included at this point in your building?

Classrooms, laboratories, restrooms, offices, facilities/mechanical room, fire stair, main stair, lobby, room(s) for live species, marine life center, auditorium, library…


  1. This is a great typology especially for this neighborhood! You can also look at aquariums and science buildings to help with some of the spaces. Also think about how the community can be incorporated into the site and building.

  2. Nice selection of examples. When looking for other case studies, especially the sustainable urban science center. Aside from taking into consideration flood zone criteria, have you considered sustainability as one of your project goals? Think of the impact a center like this would case to the surrounding, not only to the community but the environment.

    1. Sustainability is one of my project goals, which is why several of my examples are LEED certified - The Sustainable Urban Science Center, the Natural Life Sciences Building,the Life Sciences Building and the Ocean and Coastal Studies Building? (I have to double-check for that one).

  3. Great examples. Do try to bring in the community and surrounding area as much as you can. DO look at the impact of having an educational facility of this type in this area. You are off to a great start.


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