Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Boston Waterfront Developments


  1. General comment: Be more critical with your selected projects. Why, you selected them? What is/ are the key element(s) of each of them? How you will integrate those elements to your project? Sometimes is not obvious why a building is selected. Do not describe only the building itself but try to find key elements between the building and the public space around it, the qualities of this public space and its impact in the city life. Most of the times you describe the building materials of each selected project, I would like to see this information in connection with the water as your main element of nature which you have to deal with. Very good analysis of you selected land.

  2. I would like to se more information on why each was chosen, not just the materials of each building. The water is a big portion of your selected site for your project and that will play a big part in your design. How do these tie in to the waterfront. Overall very well done.

  3. Hi April. I agree with the others. Presentation boards are nice, but you should ask yourself what do you like from those projects. In some occassions it might be the materials that relate them to the site. In other cases the relationship between the building and the open spaces or the water. The light, perhaps etc. When you see something you like always ask yourself why? what attracts you? Then you can use that "rationalism" when explaining your concepts to others and they will become more robust concepts.

    Also, I understand it is only a massing exercise at this stage, but for the near future you should think about how that massing sits in context within the urban fabric or contextual massing.

    Look at my previous blog on the Site Analysis and I hope you understand where I'm going. Massing out of context is nothing. once you know the context then you can see what massing creates (integration, yuxtaposition, alienation etc).

    Hope this helps.

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