Sunday, February 10, 2013

Site Analysis of 68 Ferris St, Brooklyn, NY 11231


  1. Is this the site you are choosing ? Why ? How does is it the best site for your building ?

  2. I will have to ask the same, where you given this location or did you select it? if so, why and based on your climate and natural light analysis, how do you plan to use the sun in your advantage/disadvantage for your building?

  3. Interesting site choice. Very throughout analysys. I would also like to know the answers to the questions that Jill and Claudia posed.

  4. Hi April, this was indeed a very good site analysys. I only found one thing missing and that would be an analysys of massing of the area. This will bring you thoughts about what scale of building will be appropiate for the site. You probably have a sense of that, but you will need to justify this to other people. I think this will make you think a lot about the programme etc, even the use of the building.

    I am wondering if you have choosen the building type before doing the site analysis or after. I ask this because the use should be appropiate for the site and not the other way around. I love climbing but I don't design climbing centres everywhere, you know what I mean?

    I think after re-thinking the site constraints you might re-start thinking what type of building is most suitable or adequate.

    Remember, Urban comes first;Building comes second. I am not denying your choice of building type, but you need to have very strong arguments to defend it's use. What does the building (use) brings to the place. Will it help to regenerate the area etc?

    I have seen there is a school nearby (10min walk)? Is this going to affect the choice of building type, the programme or the physical design of the building? Could it be a research centre with an academic spin? Research-school? Or could it become a leissure centre for them? Research-museum? See if you can tie your personal interests with the site and the area where it sits.

    I was also wondering if there has been any previous projects for the site or any marsterplan for the area. That might be interesting, if there's any.

    Apologies for long blurb. I have put a few questions that hope to sumarise the above. You don't need to answer them, they are more for yourself to think about it, but I hope it makes you think about "rooting" the project more into the site in all senses:

    - Urban Density and massing analysys required.
    - Building type should be decided from site analysys (sometimes it might take you many days to decide...)
    - Is the use of building adequate for the site in physical terms (density, massing etc) and socio/economic terms?
    - Is the type of building useful (in urban or socio/econimic terms) or required for that site or a different one would be more adequate or interesting?
    - What does the building type bring to the area? Does it enhance it or isolate from it?
    - Also, think about the views from the site which seem outstanding (on to the Statue of Liberty etc).Can you access the roof top of the factory building? That might inspire you...

    It's a very good start, though. Keep it going!



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