Monday, May 20, 2013

Final Presentation



Analytical Diagrams


  1. Just wanted to say that I like the architectural concept you came up with. Your hard job paid pretty well. Because of the scale I can't see details specially on the floor plans, which I would've liked to. I also would've liked to see an explanation/list of materials used or at least to visualize photovoltaic panels, green roofs, type of windows, reuse of rainwater, hangovers, use of recycled materials .,etc. I know this can be achieved with more time but in your design process-specially if you want to make your design sustainable-you need to keep this list in mind at all times and emphasize on it. More detail on your landscape would've been extra nice too.
    All in all good work, I like your design!

  2. hello. I don't think i have commented your work before but I suppose it's never too late to start, right?
    I share the same opinion of Ms. Perez-Snead. To "build" such a list you do not need to do details or whatever, all you need is small list of materials and finishes. The only work you have is to think about them (carefully) beforehand.
    About the design: I think its really interesting and suits the place well. The form seems well thought and I can imagine it working if it were built.
    About the presentation: please insert scale on the plans in the first board, your teachers will cast a spell on you if they see it is lacking scale (i would lol). The plans probably would stand up with their current detail if they were a little bigger (though probably would not fit in one drawing/board). As they are now i just can't see what's going on in the interior of the building. Its really a shame because the building seems very nice. The first rendering is quite nice (the one with the statue of liberty) but the other two don't hold up if enlarged. Just keep them small or at a distance and it will be ok. Try to improve those aspects and your presentation will be more than alright. well done.

  3. The form is attractive; the bays are well proportioned and the wave orientation works as a roof and enables glazing facing the water. Developing one or two of the roof modules to make a gesture at the main entry would be an improvement.
    The plans are well organized and recognize the ordering system implied by the banded form. Entering on the lowest level versus ramping up to the first floor is a choice that implies some resolution for orientation and comfort. Penetrating the form by omitting floors at one band for instance would introduce natural light and enhance way finding. Imagine a ramp system in this void next to the aquarium, for instance.
    Minor adjustments to the form and the plan - transitioning the entry path from street width to a size commensurate with pedestrian flow, transforming the deck on the water side to recognize the central axis and transition to the pier and recognizing the city-side geometries in the site work – would help to more effectively lock the composition into the site. The meeting of the circular geometry with the rectangular city blocks might have been worth developing. I suspect the circular motif was introduced a late in the process because it’s not quite integrated.

    The three dimensional development is attractive just as the plan suggests. The entry side elevation is still the most attractive view. I wonder whether the roof shapes might extend beyond the vertical enclosure on the water side, if not for sun control then just as to extend the gesture and refine the overall form; the structure might be exposed at this point further articulating the form and possibly alluding to seaport architectures – piers, cranes, etc.

    I’ve enjoyed the progress of your project. It began with a strong formal idea, and has proven the potential of that idea in the final presentation.

  4. Hi April:

    First of all many congratulations on a terrific job! The project is consistent with the objectives and has a strong concept that has not been lost in this final stage. I agree with some of the above comments that the roof bands or fingers could have been refined further to embrace entrance/aproach and create further spaces related to the sea.

    I can't see well the internal layouts but they seem to be tidy and well organised, which is always a sign of a good project and lots of thought behind to achieve that simplicity which we all now it's not easy to achieve.So well done on that as well!

    I specially like the plans as I think they are nice graphics. However, this powerful and beatiful way or presentation has been lost in the sections (perhaps lack of time at the end). I think I would have spent more time making them beautiful and meaningful (afterall they are the best way to describe your building aims) and perhaps I would have spent less time on the 3D CGI's, which usually you need to have lots of time to make them worth it.

    Overall a very good project!

    I hope you enjoyed the process and looking forward following your next projects as I'm sure you will do a great job.

    Best of luck for next year!

  5. Thank you all so much! Your comments, references and feedback have been so constructive and thought-provoking. You've all planted seeds in my brain that will definitely develop and continue to grow throughout my architectural design career and I will definitely take the parts of this project that didn't come across as clear and try to perfect them in my next design course. Thank you so much again, it was truly a pleasure sharing this project with you all.

    April Turner


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